What Information is required on my Disability Claims Form?

In order to process your claim for disability benefits, the insurance company needs to collect certain information from you. You’ll want to fill out your Disability Claims Form carefully so that there are no delays in processing the information.

Information Required on a Disability Claims Form: Short-term Disability

You’ll be asked questions about the following:

  • When your symptoms first appeared
  • Whether you have ever had the same, or a similar, illness or injury
  • A description of your illness or injury and how it prevents you from working
  • Date you last worked and your expected date of return to work
  • If your current symptoms are pregnancy-related
  • Whether your disability is related to an accident
  • If you are collecting any other income, and the amount per week

Information Required on a Disability Claim Form: Long-term Disability

If you anticipate you will still be off work once your short-term disability insurance benefits run out, you will need to apply for long-term disability benefits. This means you will have to fill out a separate set of documents. Your claim form will ask you questions similar to these ones:

  • When did your symptoms first appear?
  • Have you ever had the same, or a similar illness or injury?
  • Describe how your injury or present illness prevents you from working. Be specific about which duties you are unable to perform and the duties you are able to perform.
  • From what date did your illness or injury prevent you from working?
  • Is your illness or injury work-related?
  • What treatments are you receiving?
  • Provide the names of the doctors you have seen for the illness or injury or that you plan to see in the near future.
  • When do you expect to be able to return to your own job? Any other job?
  • Have you tried to return to work?
  • Is your disability the result of an accident or a work-related injury?
  • Do you have any other sources of income?

You will also be asked to provide information about your education, acquired skills, training and work experience. Your long-term disability insurer may request a copy of your resume on the form.

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