12 Driving Tips for Fall

Fall Driving Tips For North Toronto and GTA 

Fall is here! And with Fall brings a lot of individuals and families to the roads. They may be admiring the changing leaves on the trees, the cooler weather or simply enjoying the picturesque view that is often seen during the Fall.

However, with the number of people on the roadways and the changing seasons, there are dangers while out on the road.

Why Fall Weather Makes Hazardous Road Conditions

What is it about Fall that makes the roadways dangerous? There are several things about this time of year that makes it more hazardous to be on the roads.

For example:

  • This is often the time in which back to school traffic starts, meaning that you are dealing with even more people and cars on the roadways, along with buses!
  • Rain can be off and on during the Fall, and it can come with no warning. Wet roads are always something to be nervous about.
  • The fog…which often rolls in during the Fall time can make driving even harder as you may not be able to see very far in front of you!
  • The falling leaves are gorgeous, but they are also dangerous. Wet fall leaves can make a road feel as though it is covered in ice and is even just as slippery!
  • Frost can be found on bridges and other areas that can make this a possible slick spot during the fall.
  • What about that sun glare during the Fall? Due to the changing weather, the Sun is often setting right in your eyes and rising in your eyes as well when driving. The sun makes it harder to see and is often the result of several accidents.
  • The fall seasons also makes several animals start to stir, including deer. Deer may run out in front of vehicles and with the other elements of Fall acting against you, it can be easy to hit one of these animals.

12 Driving Tips for Fall 2

While Fall may be beautiful, as you can see it is full of dangers while out on the road. The good news is that there are several fall driving tips in which you can follow that will make you and your family safer while out on the road during this time of year!

Tips for Fall Driving

For those who will be hitting the road during the Fall season, there are several tips that you need to remember that are going to keep you safe while out on the road.

  • Be sure to watch your speed! Drive a bit slower since there are so many hazards that are out there simply waiting on you. From slick roads to deer jumping out in front of you, the slower you drive, chances are you are going to avoid a collision.
  • Keep some distance between the cars in front of you, while this is always a great rule to follow, during the Fall time it is imperative. You do not want to rear end someone due to driving too closely and something that is weather related happens. It does happen from time to time, so the best rule is to back off and give the other car some space.
  • Use your low beams when it is raining or foggy. While you may be tempted to use your high beams, remember that these aren’t going to help you see any better, in fact, they will only cause more of a glare.
  • If you come out to your car and see frost, be sure that you clear this frost away so that you are not having your vision impaired while driving on the roadways. Never drive your car with frost on the windshield as this greatly impairs your vision. In the event of a thick frost, it can make it to where you cannot see at all out of your windshield.
  • During the evening hours and early morning hours, you are more likely to come across wildlife that is scurrying about the roadways. Be extra vigilant during this time while driving.
  • How is your tire pressure? Be sure that your tires are properly inflated. As under-inflated tires can be an issue when driving on wet roads. Underinflated tires can lead to accidents while on the road, leading to serious injuries12 Driving Tips for Fall 5
  • Remember that it gets darker earlier during the Fall. Thus, if you don’t like driving in the dark, be sure that you are getting home before the darkness falls. And if you do end up driving in the dark, be sure to slow down so that you are not surprised by anything.
  • Pay attention to school zones and buses! Since this is back to school season, be extra aware that there are kids all around you. If you see school buses stopped, be sure to follow the vehicle rules for a stopped school bus! Remember, if the school bus has their lights on, it’s time to stop, it is illegal for you to not stop! Also, watch for those kids who will be using the crosswalks to walk home.
  • Try to avoid braking hard on leaves! If you do this, you are going to hydroplane just as if you were skating across ice. If your speed is reduced, you have a lower chance of this causing any problems.
  • Be sure that you have a pair of sunglasses to wear, as the sun glare can be hazardous! This is also why you need to slow down your speed, as the Sun shining in your eyes is going to affect your reaction time slightly.
  • Be sure that your windshield wipers are up to the task of more rain! If not, change them. It is a great idea to get a routine tune-up with his change of season, which could include changing out those old wipers for those that are going to work better.
  • Remember that black ice can happen during the Fall time. Fall is one of those times of the year that it may feel like summer one day and then next week it feels like winter. Be prepared for these changes.

Above all else, remain vigilant while driving during the Fall. Weather conditions can change from sunny to rainy in just a course of a few minutes. And if you are out on the roads during this time, this means you will be driving in this change!

If you simply slow down and pay attention to your surroundings, along with utilize these other tips, you will find that driving in the Fall can be rewarding. You can see all the changes that are taking place in Mother Nature. Many people find that a Fall drive is just what they need to relax!

For those who drive during the Fall and have been injured or do become injured, it is important to contact a lawyer to discuss what rights you may have. Conte Jaswal are here to help you if you have suffered an auto accident or personal injury due to driving during the Fall season.


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