A Loved One Has a Serious Brain Injury – What Now?

Any injury to a loved one can evoke feelings of sadness and pain. A brain injury, especially a severe one, can bring a host of practical problems along with those emotional ones. Unlike other physical injuries brain injuries can linger longer and have far more varied effects with a much more uncertain road to recovery and as such some guidance can be useful.

Support Them

Often a slowness of thought and an inability to concentrate can occur. Help them by getting them to focus on a single task at a time. Do what you can to limit their activities and go with them on healthcare visits – take notes and ask questions they may not be thinking to ask. The most important way to help them is to not get discouraged yourself. It will keep them positive if you are positive.

Prepare the Home

Do what you can to organize home life in a way that minimizes outside distraction and keeps them safe. Maintain a regular schedule for sleeping, eating, and exercising and get them organized with planners and calendars so they can easily see what’s coming up.

Be Ready for Changes

One of the most common symptoms of brain injury beyond cognitive issues is fatigue. Try to plan events for early in the day as they may need to rest later on. Brain injury can also be characterized by a lack of emotional response. Alternatively, if emotion centres are damaged in may result in sudden outbursts or crying – do what you can to talk with them about their frustration.

Get the Resources they Need

Making sure the injured party receives the best treatment will cost time and money. The government has programs that can help but they are often limited to those with certain conditions and the wait lists for things like homecare are almost universally long. If your loved one was injured by another person directly or through negligence it may be in your interest to seek the aid of an experienced personal injury lawyer

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