A Slip and Fall While Celebrating: Now What?

Winter is a time for celebrations with loved ones, good cheer and tons of snow – which makes any harmless gathering a hazard for slip and fall accidents. We know that a slip and fall is the last thing you’ll ever put on your wish list but we also know that these sorts of predicament lurk when you least expect it.

if you want to know the steps you need to take after becoming a victim of a slip and fall accident, read the blog below.

Get the medical assistance you need.

The single most important thing after any type of accident is to seek medical assistance right away. Make sure to let your attending physician know everything about your fall so they can perform all the necessary tests for any possible damage and the risks this accident exposes you to.

You also have to take psychological trauma into account. Most victims might feel that the accident is their fault and are willing to take all the blame and shame. It is important to know that most (if not all) slip and fall accidents are not the victim’s fault.

Take photos and preserve all evidences.

After getting seeking treatment, the next best thing you should do is to take pictures of the bruises and injuries you accumulated due to the fall. Make sure to do this as soon as you can, before any of the swelling and bruises subside.

Taking photos of your injuries can support your claim for compensation that you deserve later on. This is also the best time to make copies of all the test results and your doctor’s recommendations.

Make sure to keep the clothes and shoes you wore in a safe storage because you will need every piece of evidence you can get your hands on. Do not endorse it to anyone else without the consent of your lawyer.

Let the property owner know about the accident.

If you plan on taking legal actions, make sure to let the property owner/s know about the accident. Let them make a written report about the incident and request for a copy, this is for proper documentation.

Do not go on record without a lawyer.

Oftentimes, claim adjusters or insurance companies will make you agree to go on record for a few “routine” questions. DO NOT DO IT. Reject all requests to go on record made by anyone on the phone. If you have to make a recorded statement, make sure to have a lawyer present who can advise you on what to say and what not to say.

Get a good lawyer to back you up.

The sooner you can hire a lawyer, the better. A lawyer will be able to properly assess the value of your claims based on loss of wages, recovery costs, past, present and future medical bills and different measures.

A lawyer will also help you navigate through all the legal hoops and the tricks insurance companies may play on you. Do not let a slip and fall accident cost you more than it already has. Our team of veteran legal experts can get you the compensation you deserve, give us a call today.

Nobody wants an accident but when it happens, you have to be prepared to take all legal actions in order to get the compensation and treatment you deserve.

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