After a Car Accident: How a Personal Injury Lawyer can Help

After a car accident is an extremely difficult and stressful time for you. Not only are you dealing with your on-going health issues and medical problems, but you also need to deal with your insurance company…all the while dealing with filing a personal injury claim. This is one of the many reasons that you need a personal injury lawyer after a car accident. In addition to simply needing help navigating the legal world while you traverse the medical world, we have created a list of a number of other ways that a personal injury lawyer can help…

After a Car Accident: How a Personal Injury Lawyer can Help 
A personal injury lawyer can take the guesswork out of your personal injury claim, while contributing a number of other benefits—including:

1. Protect you from your Insurance Company

When you sign up for an insurance policy the rep is your friend. When you make a claim however the tables change. Filing a major personal injury claim is a different world, as your insurance company sets loose the lawyers they keep ‘on-stun’ in their backroom. To avoid being legally devoured you need an equally-qualified personal injury lawyer.

2. Statute of Limitations

Personal injury claims here in Canada are subject to the statute of limitations, which says that claims must be filed within two years of the accident (if there are no extenuating circumstances). Once your claim is filed there are additional timelines that must be closely adhered to, in order to avoid penalties or claim rejection.

3. Evidentiary Support

Legal claims are won and lost based entirely on the evidentiary support your claim has. The stronger the evidence gathered by you and the lawyer, the stronger your case is—and the more likely you are to win your claim. This evidence includes police reports, lost income proof, bills, medical records, lost wages, pain and suffering, witness reports and more.

4. Fight At-Fault Insurance

Here in Ontario we have no-fault accidents, which can cause a mountain of issues in your claim. To fight this, you need a lawyer with experience proving or disproving at-fault claims.

If you’re sold on a personal injury lawyer—or you want more specific information on exactly what we can do for you, then call the personal injury experts here at Conte & Associates.

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