Car Accident Claims: How Can I Document my Losses

Documentation is a critical element to car accident claims. Without it, you’re claim won’t successfully make it through court, or an out-of-court settlement negotiation.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and need to make a claim to recoup your losses you will need bulletproof documentation.

Car Accident Claims: How to Gather Documentation

Gathering documentation for a car accident claim revolves around documenting your provable losses and established ‘fault’. To prove losses and that the other party was at-fault you will need proper, legal (original and from the source/expert) documentation of the following:

1. Medical Records

If you will be including a personal injury claim within your car accident claim then having medical documentation from a board-certified doctor (or team of), including medical tests that prove and document your injury from immediately after the accident up until the date of the trial.

These documents include:

  • Ambulance documentation
  • Emergency room admittance and treatment
  • Hospital admission
  • Treatment from a physician
  • Treatment from a specialist
  • Physical therapy, registered massages, chiropractic care and other healthcare providers

2. The Police Report

You will need to gather your ‘accident report’ or ‘incident report’ from the police that arrived to the scene of your accident. This report will clearly state if any laws have been broken, if one of the drivers was at-fault, the circumstances surrounding the accident, who was involved in the accident and possibly, witnesses.

3. Financial Losses

In order to receive financial compensation for car accident claims in Canada you are required to show provable financial losses. This can include loss of income, loss of opportunity, physical damage to your car, current and future insurance costs, etc. To total the value of your claim you can add all the provable losses that you’ve documented.

Documentation regarding physical damage to your vehicle involves proving the value of your car and the damages incurred. Generally your insurance company will assess the damage to your car, however it may also be possible to prove damages based on multiple repair shop estimates combined with the Kelly Blue Book value of your car.

For help with car accident claims and gathering the documentation you need to file a successful claim, have the car accident and personal injury attorney experts here at Jane Conte defend your rights.

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