How Your Car Insurance Company is Secretly Taking Advantage of You

Making an Accident Benefit Claim? Read This First.

You might think you can trust them, but the way insurance companies work is not always to your advantage. In fact, it’s almost always in their favour.

The first and foremost intention of your insurance company is to make money. It’s their business to try to minimize anything they have to pay out to you.

Make sure you know how your insurance company is secretly taking advantage of you, and don’t let them get away with it any longer.

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How to Prevent Your Car Insurance Company From Taking Advantage of You

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you’re well aware of how difficult it can be dealing with your insurance company to try to get compensation. It’s a long and complicated process that often leads to more stress than anything else.

If this is your first accident, you’re likely unfamiliar with the legal processes and what you need to do in this situation. This is when insurance companies can sneak in and take advantage of you.

When you file a claim for accident benefits, your insurance company is going to begin to look for any reason to prove that you were liable. If they have any type of evidence that you might have been at fault, you can kiss your insurance settlement goodbye.

Be familiar with the following ways your insurance company can take advantage of you after your car accident, and don’t fall for the common mistakes.

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Your Statement is the Key to an Insurance Settlement

Insurance companies will take what you say and hold it against you in court in order to avoid paying a settlement for your accident.

It all begins with your initial statement. This is your make or break moment, where what you say will work either for or against you.

The problem with the initial statement is that it’s often done when you’re still in shock. When you’re in shock, you might not be able to feel any injuries that you do have until a bit later, when you’ve settled down.

So you might think you don’t have any injuries at first, and you might therefore be inclined to say you’re fine. Never say outright that you are fine.

If you state initially that you don’t have any injuries, you will not be able to take this back and change your statement. You won’t be able to collect compensation or accident benefits because they will use this statement against you.

Even if you do notice injuries later on, there won’t be any proof that those injuries came from the car accident itself, and it won’t be enough to get your benefits.

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Insurance Companies Work by Gaining Your Trust

Insurance companies make money because they allow you to trust them and believe that they have your best intentions in mind. This is not always the case.

While you’re recovering from your car accident injuries, your insurance company might send you something to make it seem as if they care about your well being, but you might want to proceed with caution.

In some cases, your insurance company might be trying to prolong your accident settlement claim by making you think that they are allowing you time to recover, distracting you from the time passing by.

If enough time passes, you won’t be able to file or claim your settlement. The statute of limitations in Ontario is 2 years after the car accident, with a 30 day limit to submit your application for accident benefits.

Car accidents and insurance

Insurance Companies Take Advantage of the Digital World

Now that everything is online and we are in the digital age, what you do on social media can affect your accident insurance claim. The internet is a public domain and what you post online can spread to every corner of the world.

Insurance companies have been known to follow accident victims on social media to monitor the activity they post. If they see anything out of the ordinary, they could use it against you in the settlement.

If you post pictures of yourself doing something that would normally be limited by your injury, your insurance company can take advantage of this by claiming you lied or that your injuries aren’t actually bad enough to be worth the settlement.

Always make sure you keep quiet online until your accident benefit settlement is completed. If you post anything that makes it seem as if you’re liable for the accident, they can use this as evidence.


How to Get the Most out of Your Accident Settlement

You have to make sure that all of your bases are covered. Always keep any related documents, information, and invoices that have anything to do with your accident. Collect as much proof as possible, from doctor’s notes to assessments of your car’s damage.

Insurance companies take advantage of people who take the company to court and don’t have proper legal counsel. With the right protection and counsel, being completely educated, prepared, and calm is your best option.

Always make sure you have a personal injury lawyer to represent your case. You need someone who knows the law inside and out and will make sure you get everything you’re entitled to.

A good lawyer will be passionate about helping you get the settlement you deserve and the compensation you need. 


Get the Justice you Deserve with Conte & Associates

When you’ve been in an accident, you shouldn’t have to deal with being taken advantage of in your time of need. You’ve been through enough, so let Conte & Associates fight for you.

We are a strong team of experienced and trusted lawyers in the Whitby and Oshawa region who will get you the settlement you deserve. Working with the best medical experts in Ontario helps us ensure that you always have the right people on your side.


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