$1.6 Million Settlement

A.B. was 30 years old at the time of his accident.

He completed six years of elementary school and continued with five years in Secondary School before he immigrated to Canada. Upon his arrival in Canada, he attended high school and earned his diploma in three years. He found part-time employment in order to help support his family back home,  as a  fast food outlet cleaner, while continuing his high school education. He won a series of promotions at this job including counterman, cook, supervisor & finally First Assistant Manager.

After working at this job for 10 years he began another part time job elsewhere and a short while later he took a full time position with this company as a bookkeeper.

A.B. was involved in a life changing motor vehicle accident in 2004 where he was a seat belted passenger in a motor vehicle. As a result of this accident, he suffered a laceration to his head, a head injury as well as injuries to his neck, back and knees. He was unable to return to work as a result of ongoing physical, psychological and cognitive injuries.

A.B.’s received income, housekeeping and attendant care benefits that he was entitled to. He also continued to receive medical and rehabilitation that he required. A.B.’s case was successfully settled for $1.6M.

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