Disability Benefits After a Car Accident – How to Survive

Disability benefits after a car accident can—and often are—the victim’s only way to survive the experience, financially and otherwise. The financial strains that a car accident and the resulting personal injury can cause are not only financially-oriented—they also cause a large amount of stress, which greatly impedes the healing process. Your best hope for a full recovery is in minimizing your stress—which requires financial stability

Financial stability is gained by winning a successful personal injury claim. It can help wipe out lost wages, future lost wages, care not covered under OHIP, loss of future opportunities, and for any loss of functioning that impedes your financial well being—both current and future.

Disability Benefits After a Car Accident—How to Survive with a Personal Injury Claim
With a successful personal injury claim you can get the compensation necessary to ensure your financial and health well being. A successful personal injury claim can compensate you for some or all of the following:

  • All or part of your medical expenses that aren’t covered by OHIP (including home care and rehabilitation)
  • Home care expenses that you require professional help with, due to your injuries
  • Out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a direct result of your accident
  • Compensation for present, past and future loss of income and opportunity
  • Loss of life experiences, capabilities and amenities

Here in Ontario there is also compensation available for pain and suffering, although this amount of extremely limited. Large claims for pain and suffering are, unfortunately, only found south of the border.

How to Launch a Successful Personal Injury Claim in Ontario
Your first step to disability benefits after a car accident is to contact us here at Conte & Associates. Our experience and success with personal injury claims in Ontario is what is necessary to win a personal injury claim against insurance companies or other parties. Your opposing party is smart and highly experienced. You need someone in your corner to advise you of the timelines you must adhere to, how to sculpt your social media profiles to avoid claim dismissal, what to claim for—and most importantly, if and when settlement is advisable.

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