Does Your Child Have a Brain Injury?

If your child has been involved in an auto accident, it is crucial that you be on the lookout for signs of a brain injury. Since children lack the language skills needed to communicate how they are feeling, it is up to parents to watch for signs that medical attention is needed.

A concussion is the most common type of brain injury in children. A child who has sustained a concussion may be restless, irritable, and crying. He may also be vomiting or complaining of a persistent headache.

If you suspect your child has sustained a concussion, you should consult your primary care provider immediately. If symptoms persist for several weeks, your child may need to be evaluated by a neurologist or neuropsychologist.

Serious brain injuries in children can cause physical, cognitive, and emotional impairments. Some examples of physical impairments include problems with speech, vision, hearing, balance, and motor coordination. Cognitive impairments may include a limited attention span, trouble reading and writing, impaired concentration, and short term memory deficits. Emotional impairments may include mood swings, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, restlessness, lack of motivation, and difficulty controlling emotions.

Traditionally, the medical community believed that children were more likely to fully recover from a brain injury than adults because their brains had more “plasticity” than the brain of a fully developed adult. Today, however, research has proven that this is not the case. Symptoms of a brain injury can continue to cause problems for years to come, creating challenges as a child grows and develops. For example, abstract reasoning and complex problem solving skills are not part of a young child’s normal development–yet they are crucial for teens and adults.

No two brain injuries create the exact same symptoms, so treatment for children with brain injuries is customized to address a child’s specific deficits. In school, a child will need an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to allow for any needed accommodations such as a one-on-one aide or extra time to complete exams.

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