Don’t Get Burned: Barbecue Safety Tips

Barbecue Safety Tips

With the warmer weather, it means Summer is here! And what is a favorite past time of Summer? Barbecuing! For those who are going to barbecue this summer, be sure that you know how to BBQ right in order to avoid any injuries.

Injuries from barbecuing can be numerous as you are dealing with food, hot metals, gas and/or charcoal, and maybe even large groups of people who are attending your BBQ event.


Before You Grill, You Should Remember to Follow these BBQ Safety Tips

Even before you decide to BBQ, be sure that you are taking the right precautions to ensure that your grill is up for the job. If you have had your barbecue sitting over the winter, which is the majority of people, it will need to be checked before you fire it up.

A few things that you need to look for:

  • Check for blocked burners or metal tubes near the burners

  • Check the fittings and hoses to ensure there are no gas leaks. You can do this through:

    • Use a water bottle with a bit of soap in this

    • Spray the hoses and fittings

    • Check for air bubbles when this soap water is on the pipe and/or fitting

    • If leaks are found, replace these fittings and pipes

  • Ensure that the briquettes in your grill are not loaded with a lot of greases, as this can lead to a buildup which leads to a fire!


The next steps in how to BBQ right include ensuring that this BBQ is in the right location. There are several dangers of using your BBQ close to your house, so be careful!

A few tips:

  • Ensure this is in a well-ventilated area

  • Ensure that this BBQ is away from materials that are considered combustible

  • Do not sit this near windows and doors

  • Put this on an even surface so there is no chance of it tipping over

While the BBQ is in Use

When it comes to how to BBQ right, knowing what to do and not to do while the BBQ is in use is imperative to your safety, as well as to the food safety that you are using on the grill.

When starting the grill, be sure that the lid is not down. The fumes from the gas can build up when the lid is down, leading to a disaster!

If the grill does not light at first, wait a few minutes to ensure that the gas is clear before you try this again.

Getting burned is often the most common injury when you are barbecuing. There are ways that you can avoid getting burned though that could save your life, or at least, save you from a lot of pain.

These rules include:

  • Never lean over the grill while you are lighting

  • Use long-handled cooking utensils to avoid having to get to close to the heat source

  • Be sure to invest into some heat-resistant mitts to help reduce chances of being burned

  • Keep a water bottle on hand to spray on the flames should they become too high

  • Have a fire extinguisher to use nearby in the event that you have flames shoot up


Food safety tips should also be considered while you are cooking.

These tips include:

  • Inspect your metal bristles on the brush you may use for cleaning the grates. These bristles have been known to stick to the grates and then will be cooked into your food.

  • Always get the food cooked thoroughly, check the internal temperature before taking this off the grill.

  • Keep the food refrigerated up until you are using to avoid possible weather-related contamination.

  • Avoid overloading the grill with foods, as this can increase the chances of having grease drippings that can cause this to flame up.


After Use: Grill Tips for Safety

After you have grilled and are putting the grill to rest for another day, there are a few tips to follow to ensure that this is safe for your next grilling adventure.

These tips include:

  • Shut the gas off or ensure that the charcoal has burned out completely

  • Be sure to let the gas burn off of the connecting hose before moving the grill or removing this line

  • Close the burner controls

  • Shut the lid

If you do utilize a grill cover, do not put this onto the grill until it is completely cool. Otherwise, you could risk burning your hands or the cover to the point that it cannot be used anymore.

A man cooking meat on a barbecue.

You should only move the grill once it has cooled down. Your best bet is to wait a few hours after cooking in order to move this when it may need to go. When it comes to how to BBQ right, safety is always the first issue that you need to worry about!

5 Vital Safety Tips Remember when Grilling

When you want to learn how to BBQ right the key is to always remember safety above anything else.

Here are 5 vital tips that will help you to stay safe while still grilling up an amazing meal!

  1. Try to avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing, as this can easily make a fire hazard!

  2. Always store propane outside, in an upright position. Be sure that you do not leave the propane tank turned to open, as this can be a fire hazard.

  3. Always be aware of your surroundings to avoid any fire hazards.

  4. Never leave your BBQ attended, as this is when injuries can happen.

  5. Invest in good utensils and gloves that can be the difference between burnt hands and arms.

Frequently Asked BBQ Questions to Know

There are several questions that people ask when it comes to safely barbecuing at home. Knowing the answers to these can make a huge difference in your safety!

  1. Is it safe to barbecue on your patio? If the patio is not covered, is level and is not near doors or windows, it can be safe to BBQ here. However, be super cautious of the location and make any arrangements that are needed to ensure it is safe.

  2. Is it safe to leave your BBQ unattended? No! It only takes a moment for the flames to rise, ruining food or even causing damage to those items nearby. And if you have a large group, it could lead to an injury in those who are around it.

  3. How long can you leave food outside once you are done grilling? On a hot day, food should never be left outside for more than an hour. Food can easily spoil in hot temperatures. When you are grilling at home, it is best to take this food inside once it has been cooked to avoid it spoiling.

A group of friends around the grill. Barbecue Safety

When you are grilling, be sure that you follow the safety tips that have been provided.

There are thousands of accidents that happen each year due to someone not how to BBQ right. And these accidents can lead to permanent and painful injuries but can easily be prevented through being observant and knowing how to use your grill properly.

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