Halloween Hazards

Halloween can be a terrific time for those who are into the spooky and the mysterious, and also for those who just love candy. Heading out with the kids to go trick or treating does come with some concerns and those concerns should be addressed to ensure a safe night out. Here are some Halloween hazards that are best avoided.


Let’s get this one out of the way. Most cases of poisoned or otherwise tainted candy are either false or blown up into extremes. The chances of your child being poisoned by contaminated candy are effectively nil. If you want to take a little extra caution and do a bag check that’s fine but your child is far more likely to get sick from eating too much candy than they are from eating a tainted piece.

Walking Hazards

The dark and cool nights of autumn can bring problems for those walking – especially piles of leaves that can grow slick when wet. You can take the right steps to prevent falls by making sure your child is wearing appropriate shoes and removing any issues with their ability to see including masks or overly large hats.


Quite a few people still prefer old-fashioned candles to keep their jack-o’-lanterns lit so it’s important to make sure any store-bought costumes are flame retardant. Additionally if you are creating homemade costumes any materials used should not be flammable. It’s a good time to make sure your kids are aware of proper fire safety as well including “stop drop and roll.”


Watching for traffic is one of the more important tools when it comes to safety. Remind your kids to watch for cars and pay attention to safety rules – you don’t want them running headlong across the road to go to another house for candy without looking. Just l