Is there a Difference Between an Adult and Childhood Brain Injuries?

Adult and childhood brain injuries are not the same, and cannot be treated in the same manner in a personal injury case. Children are not simply miniature versions of adults when it comes to determining the full scope of their injuries assessing their level of damages. They are in a separate group, and need to be evaluated separately from adults.

Evaluating Childhood Brain Injuries

Research from the University of Virginia Medical School has found that a child’s brain is more vulnerable to injury and that it takes longer to recover from even a mild head injury. Since children are still growing and learning, it makes sense that a young brain is still developing as well.

When a child sustains a brain injury, it may have led to delayed or even arrested development of specific skills and abilities. The child will likely lag behind his or her peers in certain areas unless functional rehabilitation or special education services are provided.

Long-term Consequences of Childhood Brain Injuries

The initial assessment of a childhood brain injury may not provide a clear indication of the long-term consequences of a child’s brain injuries over time. Some level of physical and cognitive recovery can be expected over time, and it is impossible to predict how much progress a particular child will make in this regard. Difficulties the child may face could be in the following areas:

  • Sensory and motor skills
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Language and communication
  • Social skills, emotions and behavior

Evaluating Adult Brain Injuries

In adults with brain injuries, the goal is to help them become as independent as possible in daily living activities. An accident victim may be living with short-term memory loss, extreme fatigue, difficulty swallowing, speaking or hearing, or other impairments that interfere with communicating or learning.

Rehabilitation treatment can be delivered through modifications and supports in everyday routines of life. Family members may need coaching from specialists to learn how best to help. Group therapy can be helpful to target cognitive function and to increase social interaction in a structured setting.

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