Keeping Kids Warm and Safe in Winter Weather

There are a lot of benefits to living in Ontario but few would count winter as one of them. As the season approaches we all need to make some changes to our habits. It means driving a little more carefully, being ready for earlier nights, and making sure you and the kids are properly prepared for the upcoming cold and snow. Here’s the best way to make sure your little ones are warm and safe come the depths of January.

The Right Attire

We’ll start with outdoor wear. Good snow boots that won’t leak or suffocate feet even in reasonably high snow are a great place to start. Make sure to get boots that fit well the first time with maybe a little extra room for growth. Snowsuits are a must for the little ones who want to go out and play and a warm hat that covers the ears is good choice for anyone regardless of age.

When Out and About

Giving kids proper instruction is a key to safety especially when they’re on their way to school or moving about the neighbourhood. Show them how to recognize ice and avoid it, how to maintain balance when possible, and how to fall properly if they can’t. Make sure they’re more aware of vehicles on the road as well. Remind them that cars are just as susceptible to slipping as we are and that the distance to stop could be a lot longer in the winter. For smaller kids be sure they’re aware that many drivers won’t be able to see them if they’re standing beside big snow banks so they should always be extra careful when crossing the road.

Safe Play

Kids love playing out in the snow and you should let them, provided you follow few safety rules. For younger kids, remember not to let them play alone in any areas that might be unsupervised. Even older kids you’re going want to check on once in a while. Don’t let them play if the temperature drops below -27oC as that’s the temperature at which exposed skin will freeze and obviously don’t let them play in inclement weather like snowstorms.

Follow a few simple safety tips and even the cold Canadian winter won’t be a match for you and your kids. If your child is injured in an accident relating to slip and fall or an automobile you should speak to a lawyer to discuss potential legal options. Contact Conte & Associates at 1-877-614-0008.  Based in Vaughan, Conte & Associates works with clients in Vaughan and in the surrounding cities of: Thornhill, Woodbridge, Concord, Kleinberg, Maple and Richmond Hill.



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