Loss of Future Earning Capacity After a Personal Injury

Loss of future earning capacity may be awarded as a part of a personal injury settlement if you are expected to suffer permanent impairments that will affect your ability to earn an income in your chosen field. Here are a few examples of cases that may include a loss of future earning capacity component:

  • A doctor who has suffered a traumatic brain injury and can thus no longer treat patients
  • A construction worker who has severe back pain and is unable to stand for long periods of time or lift heavy objects
  • A teacher who suffers from depression and anxiety following her injury and can no longer effectively manage her classroom

Personal injury cases involving children or teenagers may also include damages for loss of future earning capacity, even though the victim has yet to begin working. The judgment in these types of cases will be based on how the injury limits the victim’s ability to find work in fields that were previously open to entry.

Compensation for loss of future earning capacity is not calculated as the loss of future wages, but as a loss of an important capital asset. Therefore, your ability to earn income in the future is more important than your salary at the time of the accident. If you were temporarily unemployed for personal reasons such as caring for a young child, but had planned to return to work, you would still be eligible for compensation for loss of future earning capacity.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

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