Options if You have Been Disfigured in an Accident

Injury due to accident always has a significant impact on one’s life. For those who were disfigured that impact can be multiplied ten-fold or more. Disfigurement, for the purpose of this article, means an impairment by deep or persistent injuries that affects one’s appearance negatively. Disfigurement can result in scars that are not just physical but mental as well. If you have been disfigured in a car accident, or perhaps an industrial or other accident, here are some things you should know.

The Toll of Disfigurement

Obviously there is a physical toll with disfigurement including pain, damage to muscles and bones that could result in lowered mobility and a subsequent drop in quality of life. Eyesight, speech, taste, and smell could all be affected in a way that makes your current job impossible and destroy any potential for other employment – resulting in major loss of income.

Mentally, the toll of disfigurement could be arguably even worse. We are so tied to our face as an extension of ourselves that to have that forcibly changed results in deep psychological trauma. People simply won’t look at one who has been through disfigurement the same way which can compound the emotional pain one is already feeling. They may want to stay inside, and be unwilling to meet new people or even old friends, cutting themselves off from a social life. This can spiral into depression and other serious psychological problems.

For those who are disfigured physical and mental rehabilitation is possible. However, it will likely take many corrective surgeries which will take time, pain, and resources. In addition, employment may not be possible which means money becomes a point of concern when getting better is the only thing that should be on the person’s mind.

Don’t let money be a roadblock on your way to getting better. If you’ve been disfigured in an accident call someone who can help you gain compensation for the pain you’ve suffered and fight for the financial foundation you need to keep improving. Contact Conte & Associates at 1-877-614-0008.  Based in Vaughan, Conte & Associates works with clients in Vaughan and in the surrounding cities of: Thornhill, Woodbridge, Concord, Kleinberg, Maple and Richmond Hill.



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