What are all the parties that can be involved in a slip and fall accident?

Slip and fall accident trials can, at times, become a three-ring circus—complete with jugglers, lion tamers and ringmaster. Understanding the process and all the parties involved is extremely important though, as it helps you be emotionally and otherwise prepared for a trial.

What Parties are Involved in a Slip and Fall Accident
Immediately after an accident occurs there will be a number of people included in the process, including: the individual(s) involved in the accident, the property owner or one of their on-site representatives, a myriad of police officers and emergency services staff, and witnesses.

Once you have filed a claim there will be an entirely different landscape of players in the game, as in addition to the after-the-accident parties you will have a myriad of other parties, including:

1. Claimant / Plaintiff
The claimant is the person or people injured in the accident that filed the claim and decided, along with his/her/their attorney, to take the matter to court.

2. Defendant
Defendants in a slip and fall case is the property owner(s), their representative or a representative from the insurance company that insures the property.

3. Legal Representatives
Both the claimant and the defendant will employ attorneys to be their legal representatives in court (although a small percentage of people may choose to file a claim without legal representation).

4. Insurance Representatives
If an insurance claim has been made then there will be someone there from the insurance company, to represent their interests. 

The arrangement of the above parties can differ case-to-case, depending on who is being held at-fault for the slip and fall accident—whether it be a private property owner, company, individual or corporation.

When Can Someone Be Held At-Fault for a Slip and Fall Accident?
Fault may be assigned in a slip and fall accident when a person is injured on private or public property, due to negligence on behalf of the property owner. Slip and fall injuries include slipping on wet and icy surfaces, on stairs, uneven surfaces, potholes and any unmaintained property that poses a danger to the public.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident in Whitby or Oshawa,  then call the experts at Conte & Associates for help through the claim and trial processes.

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