Pedestrian Rights and Help For Drivers To Avoid Accidents From A Whitby Personal Injury Lawyer

Ask an experienced Whitby Personal Injury Lawyer and they’ll tell you if a pedestrian is struck and injured by a motorist, the person driving the vehicle is presumed to be at fault unless proven otherwise. This legal expert can answer all your questions about pedestrian rights and can offer motorists some helpful tips to avoid accidents with pedestrians such as:

·      Exercise caution and yield to pedestrians especially when turning. Give older pedestrians the extra time needed to cross at intersections and be vigilant when backing up in parking lots and driveways, keeping an eye out for children.

·      Stay alert particularly in the morning and later in the day when the sun’s glare can affect your vision and minimize your ability to see pedestrians clearly.

·      Slow down. Be aware of road and weather conditions and reduce speed on residential streets and in school zones. Excessive speed is not only a contributing factor in collisions between vehicles and pedestrians but can also increase the severity of the accident.

Here in Ontario, an injured pedestrian has the right to apply for accident or no-fault benefits through their own insurance company. A pedestrian who is not at fault in causing a motor vehicle accident, but has suffered severe injuries as a result, may also be entitled to initiate a personal injury law civil suit against the driver. Establishing driver negligence is necessary here in order for the injured pedestrian to recover damages for serious and permanent injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident in the vicinity of Whitby or Oshawa, you need to consults with a legal expert who will explain your rights and assess your situation. With an understanding of the Law to determine liability and respecting the time limitations involved in filing a lawsuit, a personal injury law professional will work with you every step of the way to resolve your personal injury claim as quickly and fairly as possible.

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