Personal Injury Claims – How your Facebook Page Can Adversely Affect your Claim

Personal injury claims are a messy business. The insurance company’s lawyers will dig through all your evidence…but it won’t be solely the information you submit with your claim. They will also comb through all the information that they can find on you. And in today’s social media-crazed society—we make that very easy for them.

So—our advice for our clients making personal injury claims—stay off Facebook. If the pull is too strong, at the very least sit down with us and allow us to instruct you exactly how your social media accounts need to be manicured to withstand a personal injury claims attorney combing through them.

Personal Injury Claims—How your Facebook Page Can Adversely Affect your Claim

There are a number of ways your Facebook page and other social media accounts can result in a reduction or dismissal of your claim:

  1. Photographs

Photographs of you participating in activities that are counterintuitive to your claim can severely damage you. There’s no proof like a photograph. The problem with social media is that even if you don’t add photos of yourself—other people can. You need to carefully control who is allowed to ‘tag’ you in photos, and consistently check your Facebook for photos that you are tagged in. If at all possible, speak with your friends about your need to, temporarily, keep your face off Facebook (and other social networking sites).

  1. Stranger Danger

Insurance companies and lawyers know how to ‘catfish’. They can, and do, pretend to be someone they are not and set up a fake profile. They the