Personal Injury Claims And Social Media: 4 Tips To Help You Keep Your Accounts Clean And Your Claim Safe

Like it or not, social media has quickly become a large part of our daily lives. We use Facebook daily (and in some cases, every few hours) to gawk at the observations and photos that our friends, acquaintances, and even our enemies post each minute. It’s conveniently easy for us to post our own thoughts and photos on this public forum, all so we can elicit a reaction from our fellow Facebook users. When it comes down to personal injury claims, some victims will post details through their social media channels- whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever it may be. This is a huge faux pas, as your insurer can easily check your social media channels and search for any references to your case.

Personal Injury Claims And Social Media: 4 Tips To Help You Keep Your Accounts Clean—And Your Claim Safe

-Refrain from posting anything regarding your claim on social media! Avoid mentioning it in wall posts or status updates, and do not post any pictures of the incident. Most importantly, don’t upload anything that would question the legitimacy or extent of your personal injury claim. For example, if you have a back injury, mentioning the home renovations that you just worked on can seriously affect your claim.

-Quickly search for your name on Google. If you notice any results that can possibly affect your claim, have it taken down immediately.

-If possible, deactivating or putting your social media accounts on hiatus would be an easy way to avoid some controversy. It’s ideal to do this until the claim is officially settled.

-Monitor what your friends are posting about you on social media channels. Be sure to tell them to not tag you in any posts, or mention your name in any way.

Consult with your personal injury lawyer regarding what you should and shouldn’t post in a social media setting.

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