Post-Concussion Syndrome and Personal Injury Claims

After any accident resulting in a concussion, carefully monitoring is necessary to ensure that the brain fully recovers. Most people recover fully from a concussion in a short amount of time, but some will end up developing post-concussion syndrome.

Post-concussion syndrome is a condition which a person’s symptoms continue for several months or years after a concussion. Roughly 10% of people who suffer from a concussion while develop post-concussion syndrome. Anyone can be affected, although women, people over age 40, people with existing substance abuse problems, and those who suffer from psychiatric illnesses are most likely to experience the disorder.

Symptoms of post-concussion syndrome are similar to what you’d find after a concussion. Symptoms vary from individual to individual, but may include:

l  Sensitivity to light

l  Sensitivity to noise

l  Fatigue

l  Insomnia

l  Dizziness

l  Anxiety

l  Irritability

l  Difficulty regulating emotions

l  Frequent tension or migraine headaches

l  Memory problems

There is no specific treatment for post-concussion syndrome, so doctors must focus on addressing specific symptoms. For example, a patient may receive a prescription for migraine headache medication or see a therapist to learn strategies for coping with anxiety and irritability. Memory problems may be dealt with by learning how to use scheduling and note taking apps to keep track of daily activities.

Personal injury cases involving post-concussion syndrome can be difficult to settle. The wide range of symptoms involved in this disorder make it tricky to diagnose, since they can also indicate several other types of medical conditions. This often leads to questions about whether post-concussion syndrome is the correct diagnosis and if the accident was directly responsible for the disorder. However, submitting the results of personality and IQ tests can be useful in proving emotional or cognitive impairment.

Recovering from post-concussion syndrome can be both time consuming and costly. To protect your legal rights, you may wish to speak to a personal injury lawyer about seeking financial compensation. For more information, please call Conte & Associates at 1.877.614.008.

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