Protecting Your Kids in Winter Sports

As winter approaches that means snow is coming to Canada and all the annoyances and the fun that come with it. Winter sports have long been a celebrated part of Canadian identity and the enjoyment and satisfaction they bring are well worth passing on to the next generation. That said, there are precautions that should be taken to minimize injury and maximize fun.


Learning the right way to do something is crucial to preventing any undue harm. Knowing how to stop on skates, how to keep your skis angled correctly, and how to fall if things get out of control are important ways to smooth potentially damaging situations. Finding the right instructor is key – and while it might be tempting to teach your kids yourself it might be best to have the basics laid down by a professional who won’t miss any important safety tips.

Proper Equipment

Having the right equipment is also critical. For hockey that means properly fitting skates and pads along with a helmet that can fully protect the face from any stray sticks or pucks. Alpine sports should have the right sized skis or snowboards along with, again, properly fitting boots. Jackets and ski pants should be flexible but not too large to ensure there are no tangles with any objects. Regardless of the sport you may want to consider a mouth guard to ensure their teeth remain undamaged.

Trustworthy Venues

Make sure your kids go to hills or rinks where everything is maintained properly. For skiing or snowboarding you’ll want to make sure your kids don’t get on hills above their skill-level.   A good venue is important as, while a degree of risk is acceptable in the activity itself, you do not want your children being hurt by something outside their control – like a hostile clientele, or insufficiently safe amenities.

Once you’ve concentrated on the safety issues for whatever winter sports you choose, your kids can start concentrating on having fun.   If you or your child have been injured during a winter sport through no fault of your own, you should seek out a lawyer experienced with personal injury law. Call Conte & Associates at 1-877-614-0008.  Based in Vaughan, Conte & Associates works with clients in Vaughan and in the surrounding cities of: Thornhill, Woodbridge, Concord, Kleinberg, Maple and Richmond Hill.

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