Proving Liability In A Vaughan Personal Injury Accident

If you have ever watched a television show about a criminal trial, you have probably noticed that the prosecution has a burden of proof in order to convince the judge or the jury that the person on trial is guilty. In a criminal case, it must show beyond a reasonable doubt that the person committed the crime. Proving liability in a Vaughan personal injury accident case doesn’t require as high of an obligation to prove the assertion that one party caused injury to another.

In a civil case, the standard of proof is called the preponderance of the evidence. The plaintiff only needs to show that his or her injuries were caused by the defendant’s negligence in order to prove liability and receive compensation.

How to Build your Case for Negligence

While you are recovering from your injury, keep photographic records of your injury. They will serve as a visual reminder of your recovery and exactly how long each phase took. Take care to date each photograph.

Keep your own notes about your recovery, including doctors’ visits, prescriptions you are taking, the pain you are experiencing since the accident, and any alternative therapies you are pursuing, such as visits to a chiropractor or a physiotherapist.

Make note of the time your injuries have kept you away from work. If you have not been fully compensated for your time off, keep a running total of lost salary or wages. You should also make note of any activities you have not been able to enjoy or participate in due to your injuries.

Keep receipts for any special expenses you have had to incur due to your personal injury. Examples include home care nursing costs, hiring additional staff to help run your business during some or all of your recovery, homemakers to perform household t