Questions to Ask When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve never needed legal services before, you may be wondering how to hire a personal injury lawyer to assist you in obtaining compensation for your injuries.

During your initial consultation, you’ll want to bring any documentation you have regarding your case. This includes copies of police reports, relevant medical records, information regarding insurance coverage of your medical medical bills, a description of the time off work you’ve missed because of your injury, and a listing of all of the ways you believe your injury has has impacted your daily life. The more information you can provide at your initial meeting, the quicker the lawyer will be able to provide relevant advice.

Here are some questions you should ask at your initial meeting:

l  How long have you been a practicing lawyer?

l  How many personal injury cases have you handled?

l  What percentage of personal injury cases have you won?

l  Can you provide references from past clients with cases similar to mine?

l  Do you typically represent the injured person or the defendant?

l  How many cases are you currently handling? Do you feel you have adequate time in your schedule to prepare my case?

l  Would you be handling my case personally? If not, may I speak to the other lawyers who will be involved?

l  What would you recommend to develop my case?

l  Do you foresee any problems with my case?

l  What types of experts might be called to assist in my case?

l  What would it take to bring this matter to a conclusion?

l  How do you handle communication regarding the progress of my case?

l  How do you charge for your services?

l  Is there a retainer required upfront? If so, is the unused portion of the retainer refundable?

If you’re still not feeling well and are worried you won’t catch all of the information the lawyer provides, consider taking a trusted friend or family member to your initial meeting. Having a second opinion about a lawyer’s qualifications may make you feel more confident in your decision.

Remember that you are not required to hire the first personal injury lawyer that you interview. If you are not satisfied with answers you receive, it’s best to continue your search. Your personal injury lawyer should someone you feel confident can advocate for your best interests throughout the process of settling your case.

To speak to a personal injury lawyer about seeking financial compensation for your injuries, please call 1.877.614.008. Conte & Associates, based in Whitby/Oshawa, can help you receive reimbursement for accident-related expenses. Our firm specializes in helping people with serious orthopedic, brain, or spinal cord injuries get the benefits they need so they can fully focus on their recovery.

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