Spinal Cord Injury: Your Entitlements after a Car Crash

A spinal cord injury, like other car crash-induced injuries, is a debilitating condition. They require numerous special treatments, can cause extended absences from work and cause lifelong on-going health issues and pain. These types of car crash injuries are extremely unfortunate—but there is help available. Victims of spinal cord injuries from an automobile accident or other accident are entitled to file a personal injury claim, and receive compensation.

Spinal Cord Injury: What you’re Entitled to After your Car Crash

There are two forms to claim your entitlements after an automobile accident and spinal cord injury and you may be eligible for one, or both. One form of entitlement is filing a claim for Accident Benefits that are available to car crash victims. The other is filing a personal injury claim against the other party or insurance company.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim After a Car Crash

To file a personal injury claim after a car crash and spinal cord injury, against another party, you must have evidence that the other party was at-fault or in some way negligent. Evidentiary support of each personal injury claim will be unique to the case and cannot—and should not—be generalized, which is why we encourage you to call one of our expert personal injury lawyers to discuss the details of your case to find out what type of evidence we will need to gather in order to file a claim.

Your Entitlements When filing a personal injury claim you will need to include documents stating your incurred costs from the accident. The exact elements you are entitled to, will also be unique to your case, but the available forms of compensation include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of past, current and future income
  • Loss of opportunity
  • Past, current and future cost of case—including medical, rehabilitation and home care costs
  • Medical expenses not covered by OHIP

To receive the benefits you’re entitled to you need to file a claim before your limitation period expires—so call the personal injury experts at Conte & Associates today to begin on your path to the compensation that you’re entitled to.

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