Spring Safety Driving Tips

spring drivingSpring is a beautiful season with all the flowers and spring showers. With winter slowly fading into the background, people think that roads are safe again but this is not always the case. Spring showers bring flooding and slippery road conditions. In some areas, winter leaves roads battered, causing new potholes. Animals are also more active during spring, at dawn or dusk. Cyclists also go out of hibernation during this season.

Here are some spring-driving tips to ensure safety during this season:

Check your lights

Spring rain might cause low driving visibility so make sure all your lights are working – headlights, backup lights, taillights, parking lights, brake lights and turn signals. By making sure your lights are all working, you will already be an advocate of safety.

Check your tire pressure

Harsh winter weather can deflate tires so make sure that your tires have enough air once springtime rolls around. Blown tires can cause major accidents especially when the drivers present are not into defensive driving techniques.

Keep your eyes on bad road conditions

As discussed, winter can make new potholes emerged in unexpected areas. You should be alert for these potholes and other driving obstacles.

Watch out for animals

During the early morning and evening, animals are most active. It is important to watch out for them as they have the tendency to cross the road at unexpected times. If you are not alert when driving, you might involve yourself in an accident just because of this.

Replace wiper blades

If your vehicle has worn-out wiper blades, they might not able to clear water away from your windshield. You should check your wiper blades and if not, replace them. This can be done once a year.

Drive carefully and slow down

During the first few rainy days, spring can produce slippery roads due to oil and other leaked fluids mixed with rainwater. It is important to ensure that your speed is within limits and that make sure you increase your stopping distance when it’s raining.

Additional Safety Tips

Turn your defroster and fan on to keep the interior of your windshield clear of moisture. Be alert for conditions caused by thawing snow and spring mist and rains. You should avoid shaded areas, overpasses and bridges as there might more pedestrians present. These areas also tend to freeze first. Don’t count on pedestrians to be looking out for you.


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