The three sources of compensation in an automobile accident

In Ontario there are three sources of compensation in an automobile accident that are available to motor-vehicle accident victims. Your claim may qualify for a single source, or a combination of them, depending on the type of accident and the specific legal frameworks surrounding the details of your accident.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident and are investigating how to file and claim, and who to file against, then call Jane Conte today—Ontario’s motor-vehicle accident experts. When we assess your claim we will inform you not only of which parties and sources to file your claim against but also the entire process.

The Three Sources of Compensation in an Automobile Accident

There are three sources of compensation in an automobile accident here in Ontario: the at-fault party/parties, under No Fault Accident Benefits and under private and/or public insurance plans.

1. No Fault Accident Benefits
No Fault Accident Benefits are available to everyone who has sustained injuries or damages in an motor vehicle accident. These mandatory policies cover things like lost income, medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses and attendant-care, caregiver and housekeeping benefits. They also cover funeral and death benefits in fatal accidents.

2. At-Fault Party or Parties
Even though our province’s No Fault Accident Benefits ensure that you receive compensation for some losses sustained in your accident—they often do not cover all the injuries and/or damages. This lack of coverage means at-fault parties may need to be addressed to cover the difference. Injuries and damages covered under at-fault parties include pain and suffering, loss of income, future care, out-of-pocket expenses and other benefits not covered under No Fault. 

3. Private and/or Public Insurance Plans
Depending on the accident, the parties involved and your and their insurance policies, you may be eligible for coverage under private and/or public insurance plans. This type of insurance generally covers short- and long-term disability benefits.

By filing a personal injury claim using one, or a combination of the above you are claiming the benefits you’re entitled to after an injury. Under this approach you lay claim to monetary and non-monetary losses—however legal precedence and experience is required to understand which sources of compensation you are eligible to apply for damages under, which is why you should call Conte & Associates today.

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