Understanding The Difference Between WSIB Insurance And Disability Insurance

Were you injured at work, or are you suffering an injury preventing you from working?

There are options for you.

Don’t worry, sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to look for options on how to seek financial assistance for your losses.

Also, it’s important to remember that in this process, you are not alone. It’s easy to get discouraged and lost within the vast amount of information being given to you.

We want to simplify this process for you, and get you on the right track to recovery. Your efforts and energy should be spent on getting yourself better, let us do the hard work for you.

We’ve put together a guide to help you understand the difference between WSIB Insurance and Disability Insurance,  to assist you in this process.

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What Is WSIB Insurance?

WSIB Insurance, or previously known as Workers’ Compensation is a type of insurance that aids in providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employers who were injured on the job site. In return, the employee must comply with the companies rules and abandon their right to sue under the tort of negligence. This exchange is known as the “compensation bargain.”

WSIB is also known as a “No Fault” system, meaning that it doesn’t matter who’s to blame for the accident, the benefits are still in place.

The rules on how this system operates differs per jurisdiction, but typically sets up weekly pay arrangements made to the injured. Monetary reimbursements are also made for past loss of wages, and medical expenses.

In the ultimate worst case scenario, if the person is killed at work, benefits are payable to their dependents.

Interesting Fact: Workers compensation was the first social program of its kind to be introduced in Canada. It was favoured by worker’s groups and employers as a fair compromise to avoid lawsuits.


You can still collect benefits under the following circumstances:

  • Your injury can be physical or physiological
  • If your previous medical condition worsens due to work.
  • If a work injury leads to another injury outside of work
  • Is an accident that happens at the workplace
  • Exposure from something in the workplace environment.

Who’s This For?

WSIB is for an individual who has suffered or developed an injury from inside the workplace.  The accident had to have happened within the workplace.


The employee must fill out a claims form immediately and the employer must provide the adequate benefits. It’s then on the responsibility of the employer to arrange a medical assessment to determine the next steps in the overall process.

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What Is Disability Insurance?

Disability Insurance provides the injured with income given the risk that a disability prevents them from completing the daily functions involved within their work. Also, the injury had to have happened outside the workplace.

Also, Disability Insurance is the umbrella that deals with paid sick leave, short term disability, and long term disability.

Interesting Fact: DI started in the late 19th century by the Railway Passengers Assurance Company in an effort to protect against the rising number on fatalities on the tracks.


The benefits of disability insurance include:

  • Your injury can be physical or psychological
  • The benefits extend to your family as well.
  • Typically covers up to 60% of your salary.

Who’s This For?

Disability Insurance is for an individual who has become injured outside of work, but due to the nature of their injuries can no longer perform their daily work functions.


The employer makes the first claim. The insurance company takes over next and pays the benefits.

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The main differences between WSIB and Disability Insurance are for the circumstances they deal with. If you have suffered an injury at your workplace, then you will file for WSIB insurance. If you have suffered a loss outside of work, then you will want to seek Disability insurance.

Employers will purchase WSIB to pay for all accidents their employees face on the job. The must pay all medical bills and lost wages that the victim concurs.

On the other side, disability insurance covers a large portion of one’s wages that they’re missing out on during to an outside of work-related injury. It’s important to note that in this circumstance, the employee pays an insurance premium toward disability insurance through a sponsored benefit plan.


While the usage of these systems are different, they do have some overlapping similarities. These similarities include:

  • Monetary payments to those suffering injury or illness
  • The programs and set up for each vary by province and occupation.
  • Exclusions both include self-inflicted or intentional injuries.
  • The benefit duration is usually until a person can return to work.


Both WSIB insurance and Disability insurance have limitations within their clauses. The limitations for both include:

  • Workers who take time off for injury or illness whether work-related or otherwise do not receive their full salary.
  • Workers must pay an additional premium if their injury is long-term or lead to a more lengthy, severe illness.

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