Understanding that psychological injuries are considered personal injuries in the court of law as well

Personal Injury Law Takes Psychological Injuries Into Account As Well

Personal injury claims can extend beyond physical injuries. In situations such as motor vehicle accidents, victims can suffer psychological injuries and emotional trauma in addition to physical injuries. In other types of negligent accident cases, the main injury can be psychological and/or emotional.

Psychological injuries can include post traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, or an emotional disorder involving symptoms of depression, stress, or anxiety that can interfere with your ability to function normally. While these types of injuries are interpreted on a case-by-case basis, the Courts recognize that legitimate psychological injuries suffered as a result of an act of negligence do occur and are compensable.

It’s important to review the facts leading to your injury with a professional personal injury lawyer who will explain your rights, assess your case and advise whether you are entitled to make a claim. However, these claims need to be supported by credible information. Working closely with medical experts, including psychologists and psychiatrists to obtain medical reports needed to identify the extent of damages from the psychological injuries sustained, a lawyer with knowledge and experience in personal injury law can gather the evidence necessary to prove the legitimacy of your particular case and assess your needs.

With pre-trial, settlement conference and courtroom experience, as well as negotiating skills in mediation and other forms of dispute resolution, these experts can obtain a proper settlement for your injuries.

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