Understanding Tavern Liability

If you remember the last wedding you’ve been to, you may recall seeing at least one guest that had “one drink too many.” Maybe you noticed someone that was in an overtly intoxicated state at the last New Year’s Eve party you visited. Either way, it’s incredibly easy for a person to get to that point after several alcoholic beverages. When a customer is drinking at an establishment that serves alcohol, such as a restaurant or a bar, it is a server’s responsibility to ensure that they are not too intoxicated. We all know the effects of alcohol- we can be surged with a feeling of pride while quickly losing some of our significant motor skills after each pint. However, when they begin to search for their car keys and happen to be alone (or if they’re insistent on driving their friends home,) it’s important that a server prevents them from getting into their driver’s seat.

Understanding Tavern Liability

-For an establishment that serves liquor, a server or bartender needs to take caution and refrain from over-serving any patrons. By allowing the customer to leave while being in a clearly intoxicated state, it puts that person in danger. It puts innocent drivers in danger. This is why professionally trained employees will know when to stop serving certain patrons.

-If a server notices that a patron is too intoxicated to drive, they should find out if they’re with a designated driver. If they’re alone, a server needs to recommend a taxi service for them to use.

-If a person that just left a restaurant or bar was involved in a car accident and they happen to be intoxicated, the establishment may be liable.

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