What do you do After a Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury (SCI) can potentially threaten one’s mobility. The blow to your spine could cause nerve damage that can hinder the brain from sending signals to the rest of your body.

Fortunately for patients everywhere, there has been many positive advancements in treatment and rehabilitation.

If you are living with a spinal cord injury or you know someone who is, read the article below. We talk about what you should do after suffering from a spinal cord injury.

Get yourself checked.

Victims of a spinal cord injury must have themselves checked by a medical professional right away in order to identify and stabilize any damages to your other organs.

Undergoing various lab tests will also help professionals classify the severity of the injury depending on the severity of the damage done to the whole body. Medical professionals have to wait for the swelling and the bleeding to subside in order to find out how much a patient’s mobility can be recover, and this might take some time. It is important for victims of SCI to be very patient while awaiting results.

After all the emergency stabilization has been performed, the patient is then asked to proceed to rehabilitation where they will get the right physical and emotional assistance they need.


Rehabilitation can be a long and arduous process for a patient suffering from SCI. Often, this would mean a patient has to be moved in a facility where they can have access to the medical care they need anytime of the day or night.

The goal of rehabilitation is to help the patient regain control over his or her bodily functions that has been affected by the injury. The duration of rehabilitation would depend on the