What to Do If You’re Injured while Skating

Taking to the ice and skating, whether strictly for recreation by itself, or as part of a larger sport like figure skating or hockey can be fun for the whole family. It’s as much a part of Canadian identity as maple syrup and complaining about the weather. What you may not know is that nearly nine hundred Canadians per year end up in hospitals due to injuries sustained while ice skating. If you’ve been injured while trying to enjoy yourself on the ice there are things you should know.

Voluntary Assumption of Risk

There is a common defence in tort law which is known as voluntary assumption of risk. In Latin it’s written as volenti non fit injuria which translates to “That to which one consents cannot be considered an injury.” In cases like skating injuries what it means is that any reasonable person is aware that when strapping on a pair of steel blades for the purpose of moving at speed over ice accidents can happen – specifically falls or accidental collisions with others. What that means is that for injury caused by the normal or expected state-of-affairs at a public or private rink liability of another party is very difficult to prove.

When Others May Be Liable

There are situations however where injury may not have been the fault of the participant. If a slip or fall accident happened off the ice in an area where proper maintenance should have taken care of any issues there may be a case to be made. Also, if there were particularly disruptive or violent patrons on the ice who directly lead to the injury and who should have been taken care of by security there may also be liability on the part of the venue owners.

If you were injured while out for a skate through no fault of your own there is no reason not to seek legal recourse. Take action to ensure that you are properly compensated for any pain and suffering you have experienced. Contact Conte & Associates at 1-877-614-0008. Based in Vaughan and Whitby, Conte & Associates works with clients in Whitby/Oshawa, and in the following cities in Ontario: Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Clarington, Newcastle, Courtice, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Port Perry, Belleville, and Peterborough.

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