Whiplash: How to Launch a Personal Injury Claim

Whiplash is a debilitating range of injuries that are life-disrupting, and—unfortunately—often  difficult to prove in legal personal injury claims. As they are problematic to prove, whiplash personal injury claims should be undertaken under the advisement of a professional attorney with a proven track record of success in whiplash litigation. The lawyers here at Jane Conte are personal injury specialists, with knowledge and experience in whiplash injuries—and our proven methodology is what has led to our long-term track record of success.

How to Launch a Whiplash Personal Injury Claim
There are a number of steps to launching a whiplash personal injury claim, the first of which is documenting your injuries with medical professionals. There are a number of whiplash symptoms that need to be thoroughly documented in order to file a substantiated claim, including a combination of any of the following:

  • ·Stiffness
  • ·Headaches
  • ·Restricted movement in the head and/or neck
  • ·Muscle spasms in the neck
  • ·Pain, numbness and tingling in the neck and shoulders
  • ·Injury-related stress

It is critical to document your injuries immediately and thoroughly—and then continue to document over the long-term—because this type of injury can heal relatively quickly (although not always). Not only do we need to document your injuries, but also all your related losses, including loss of income or opportunity, medical costs, extended care costs, rehabilitation expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim for Whiplash—Timelines
Once your injuries are thoroughly documented and we have enough evidence to proceed to filing a claim we proceed to the filing stage. The timeliness of this stage is critical as the  statute of limitations on personal injury claims states that they must be filed within 2 years of the injury. After the initial filing process there are other strict deadlines that we must continually meet in order to move forward in the process. For an exact breakdown of the timeline we are legally required to adhere to, call one of our experienced personal injury lawyers here at Jane Conte.

How to Start YOUR Personal Injury Claim for Whiplash
Time is of the essence in personal injury claims—so taking the first step now is critical. And your first step, is to call Jane Conte. Our team of attorneys have the track record you need to launch a successful claim, to get you the rewards you’re entitled to as a personal injury victim.

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