Why Slip & Fall Cases Are More Common In The Spring

All of us welcome the arrival of warmer weather, but spring brings with it some hazards as well. Slip and fall cases are more common in the spring, as people come out of their homes and spend more time walking around on stairs, sidewalks and in other public areas.

Why Slip and Fall Cases are More Common in the Spring

Spring weather means melting snow, as well as rainfall. The variable weather leads to an abundance of water from melting snow, resulting in slippery conditions which can lead to injuries. Since many people are eager to get outside to enjoy warmer temperatures after a long winter, slip and fall injuries are more common at this time of year.

Walking on paths and roadways can be hazardous, due to patches of ice that have not melted or that are slick with moisture. They can be very slippery, and it’s easy to slip and fall on these types of surfaces.

Visiting a public park in the spring can be hazardous as well. The amount of foot traffic they receive makes them potential sites of slip and fall injuries. Rain and melting snow can create conditions which are hazardous to pedestrians.

Slip and Fall Injuries Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Injuries from a slip and fall have the potential to be quite serious, especially for seniors. Hip fractures among people in this age group are a common result of slip and fall accidents.

This type of event can also lead to tailbone injuries, spinal injuries and groin pulls. A slip and fall can lead to a foot or ankle sprain or fracture, a wrist fracture, shoulder issues, and head and facial injuries.

When to Contact a Lawyer About a Slip and Fall Case

If you have sustained a slip and fall injury and are not certain whether you will be pursuing a case for damages, you should still consult with a slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. You will want to be able to preserve your rights to pursue a case to collect damages later on, but if the notice period passes and you haven’t let the party responsible for your injuries know about a potential claim, you give up your right to compensation.

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