You’ve been Hurt at a Sporting Event – What’s Next?

A night at the arena or the ball park can be enjoyable for the whole family but a personal injury can easily ruin that enjoyment.  Sporting events can be somewhat complicated from a legal perspective in terms of personal injury law due specifically to one legal principle called voluntary assumption of risk.

Voluntary Assumption of Risk

Known under the Latin (as so many legal terms are) as volenti non fit injuria is a legal principle that effectively translates to “That to which one consents cannot be considered an injury.”  This is a defence in tort law that states a person engaging in an event that is fully aware of the risks of that event cannot later seek damages directly related to the event.   In terms of sporting events this covers one of two possible injured parties:  the participant and the spectator.

Participants of any sport are fully expected to understand the possible injuries that might happen in the playing of that sport and thus are not able to receive compensation if those injuries occur.  Spectators fall under much the same logic.  At a baseball game, for example, one would expect to have to watch out for baseballs that might make it into the stands.  Thus, any injuries resulting from stray baseballs would not result in compensation for those injured.  That said, the specifics of a particular situation may warrant a further look at the facts, and if you believe you have a good case you should contact a personal injury lawyer.

Other Injuries that do not Fall under Voluntary Assumption of Risk

Many injuries that happen to spectators at sporting events are not directly related to the game being played.  Most often these are slip and fall injuries caused by improper cleaning or maintenance of surfaces within the sports venue.  These do not fall under voluntary assumption of risk (no one expects that attending a hockey game will result in banging your head off of a slippery floor), and the venue owners may be held liable for any damages.

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