$2.0 Million Settlement

C.R. was a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle, and sustained severe injuries. She was employed at a home for seniors. C.R. was educated and graduated high school in 1972 and then enrolled in a two-year medical secretary program. She was married and later had two daughters. With aspirations and dreams for a better life for her family, C.R. made sacrifices to move to Canada.

She resigned from her job where she worked for 14 years and came to Canada. While working in Canada, she enrolled in computer courses in Toronto. She sent almost all her earnings back home to support her husband, children and her mother. She never strayed from her long standing plan to sponsor and rejoin her family in Canada.

Finally, C.R. achieved a part of her dream and sponsored her husband and daughter to Canada. Unfortunately, C.R.’s dreams came to a crashing halt, less than 2 years after her family had finally rejoined her. She was struck by a motor vehicle, and suffered a traumatic brain injury, multiple orthopaedic injuries and facial fractures. The insurance company disputed that she sustained catastrophic injuries. She received all her benefits on an ongoing basis and her denials were mediated immediately and her benefits reinstated. Her matter was resolved in a very timely manner for $ 2 Million Dollars.

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