Chronic Pain, Depression, and Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims for depression and chronic pain can present unique legal challenges. Since these conditions are highly subjective, plaintiffs may be met with a hefty dose of skepticism.

Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists for six months or more after an injury or well beyond the expected recovery duration for the specified injury type. Depression is defined as persistent feeling of sadness, emptiness, or unhappiness and is often accompanied by a lack of energy, angry outbursts, changes in appetite, difficulty concentrating, or restlessness. People with depression that begins after an injury may be diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Keeping a daily journal can be helpful as a way to provide documentation of how the accident has affected your daily life. Briefly describe how you feel each day, including whether or not you’ve experienced symptoms such as panic attacks, skin rashes, migraines, or acid reflux.

You should also describe how your condition has affected your ability to perform previously enjoyed tasks. For example, writing that your chronic pain has caused you to miss your child’s hockey game or that your depression has progressed to a level where you are declining invitations to spend time with family and friends gives a more detailed picture of the amount of damages you may be entitled to receive.

It is also important to follow through with any treatment recommendations from your healthcare provider. If you’re struggling with chronic pain and/or depression, it’s understandable to be frustrated by endless visits with specialists or prescriptions for medications that don’t work as promised. But, if you fail to take your healthcare provider’s advice, you may be seen as an uncooperative patient who is exaggerating symptoms.

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