How Long do the Long-term Disability Insurance Benefits Last?

The maximum amount of time that you will be able to receive long-term disability insurance benefits is set out in the schedule of benefits listed in either your employer’s Group Policy or your private policy. In most cases, a policy will have an “Own Occupation” standard which requires you to be unable to perform the duties of your own occupation to receive benefits under the plan. Depending on the specific terms of the Group Policy or private policy, the benefits may be payable for two years, three years, or even five years.

Any Occupation Standard

Once the “Own Occupation” standard period ends, most group policies switch over to an “Any Occupation” standard. Under this standard, you must be unable to perform the duties of any occupation for which you are qualified by your experience or education in order to continue receiving benefits.

Benefits in the “Any Occupation” standard end at retirement or once you reach a specific age, depending on the language contained in the long-term disability policy. To confirm the exact terms and conditions of when disability benefit payments end, you should ask your benefits administrator or read the employee benefits booklet. If you have private long-term disability insurance coverage, read your insurance policy to find out more details about your coverage.

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