Jane Conte is Interviewed for her Efforts to Support the Community

An Interview With Jane Conte: A Team Player in the Whitby Community

What’s better than a lawyer who fights aggressively for you? A lawyer who truly cares about you. And part of showing you care about people is getting involved in the community whenever you can.

Jane Conte, of Conte & Associates, was recently featured in an interview for the Durham Region, where she chatted all about her community involvement and support. Read the original article here!

Part of what makes Jane Conte & Associates successful is her dedication and support for the community and helping others. She has done an outstanding amount of community involvement, and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Caring about people is a priority for Jane and the rest of her team, and read about what she’s doing to keep it that way.


Paying it Forward Since Day One

Jane has been supporting her community and volunteering for various events and organizations since she was 11 years old.

Since then, she’s been volunteering and donating to as many causes as possible.

She helps out with community events any way she can, even if it’s a small task like blowing up balloons at a booth. In addition, she sponsors many local sports teams, has worked on hospital boards as well as donated to the hospital, and has even been involved in local parades.

And what does she expect in return? Just a smile. To Jane, putting a smile on another person’s face is worth all of her time and effort.

Jane Conte gives back to her community.
Jane Conte, of Conte & Associates, was recently featured in an interview for the Durham Region


More Than Just a Personal Injury Lawyer

Jane is a community advocate in the Whitby region. She is dedicated to supporting local causes and promoting that strong small town feel.

Whether that’s a church fundraiser or a local community barbeque, she’s always willing to lend her hands and help out.

In the courtroom, she works with injured clients who are looking to try to put their lives back together. She pushes for her clients to obtain settlements so they can get the support they need, both physically and mentally.

Her goal is to promote positive action and help others within the community. When she’s not fighting for her clients in court, she’s either giving back or spending her time in the great outdoors.


Trust a Lawyer Who’s in it For You

To Jane, this is more than just a career. It’s about helping people get through tough times and giving them the support they need to move on.

When Jane takes on a case, she is compassionate and sympathetic to all of her client’s pains. Her passion sets her apart both in and out of the courtroom.

The team at Conte & Associates cares about you and wants you to be able to get the compensation you need. We’ll fight for you and we won’t stop until we’re sure that you have everything you deserve.

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