Making Sure CPP is Paying You What You Deserve

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is something most Canadians will pay into as part of their working life. It’s there to make sure when retirement comes there’s a little extra coming in to make sure seniors aren’t too harshly affected by the loss in income that comes with no longer working. However, like many government institutions, CPP is capable of making mistakes – mistakes that could end up costing you money. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting what you deserve.

Check the Numbers

The Canada Pension Plan will take a look at their records when you apply and let you know how much you’ll receive in terms of monthly benefits. Take a good look at that number and try to make sure it’s correct. There are multiple calculators available online and they have client support personnel that can assist you in explaining the result. Additionally, if you have paid into CPP and have become disabled you can apply for disability benefits as well.

Denied Claims

If your benefit amount is lower than expected or your disability claim has been denied outright the next step is to appeal for a reconsideration. A reconsideration is a new review of your application and needs to be made within 90 days after receiving your initial decision. Make sure to include any new information that might affect their decision-making process. If the reconsideration decision is declined you will have to go to the Social Security Tribunal. If that doesn’t work you can seek an appeal with their Appeal Division.

If that sounds complicated it’s because it is. It can be confusing and immensely frustrating to be stuck in a bureaucratic limbo as you wait for money you badly need and deserve. If the initial reconsideration does not work you should consider getting a lawyer who can maneuver through this system and has experience in dealing with the Canada Pension Plan directly.

There is no sense in trying to navigate a bureaucracy only to be denied due to some technicality. Take action to get the benefits you deserve. You paid into the system and you should be paid out accordingly. Get a lawyer that can help. Contact Conte & Associates at 1-877-614-0008.  Based in Vaughan, Conte & Associates works with clients in Vaughan and in the surrounding cities of: Thornhill, Woodbridge, Concord, Kleinberg, Maple and Richmond Hill.

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