Want To Know Who Is Liable When Bitten By An Animal? Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered a traumatic injury like a dog bite or dog attack, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills by filing a personal injury law claim against the animal’s owner.

In Ontario, the Dog Owner’s Liability Act is the governing legislation that sets out residential controls and bans on certain breeds (i.e. pit bulls) and holds an animal owner responsible for their dog and their dog’s actions. In most cases, that includes being legally and financially responsible for damage their pet causes to any person, pet, or property.

If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, it’s essential to immediately attend at a hospital to report your injury and receive the appropriate treatment, including a check for rabies or other disease. You also need to report the attack to your local Animal Control Services Branch so they can investigate the matter and check their records to see if the animal in question has any known disease or has been involved in previous attacks.

Last but not least, you should consult with an experienced Oshawa personal injury lawyer who will assess your case, notify the dog’s owner that you intend to commence an action and guide you through the necessary legal steps. Remember, there are time limitations for making a legal claim, so make sure your rights are protected.

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