Whiplash Requires Immediate Treatment

Whiplash is caused by a sudden jolt to the shoulders and neck. It is most often the result of a rear-end collision, where the force of the impact suddenly propels the body forward. Inertia from the collision forces the head to keep moving, even though the body is caught by the seat belt.

Whiplash can affect anyone, although researchers have noticed that women are more likely to suffer from this condition than men. This may be due to the fact that women tend to have weaker neck muscles.

The trouble with whiplash is that this type of injury can be deceiving. You may feel fine right after the accident, but start to experience pain a few hours or even a few days later. Common symptoms of whiplash include:
l  Neck pain

l  Soreness in the jaw

l  Shoulder pain

l  Weakness in the arms

l  Back pain

l  Ringing ears

l  Dizziness

l  Vomiting

l  Blurred vision

l  Difficulty concentrating

l  Memory problems

l  Trouble sleeping

l  Irritability

If you are in a car accident that causes a jolt to the shoulders and neck, you should seek medical attention from a doctor who can order a CT or MRI as a precautionary measure. If needed, your primary care physician can refer you to an orthopedist or other specialist.

If you wait too long to seek medical care, the insurance adjuster may argue that your injury was not serious or that it was caused by factors unrelated to the accident. Having a paper trail that documents your injuries is the best way to protect yourself, although it’s also important to follow your doctor’s orders precisely. If you do not comply with the recommended course of treatment, your claim may be denied as the result of your failure to follow medical advice.


Most people who have whiplash recover fully with two or three months, but it’s possible to have unexplained pain for several years after the injury. For this reason, you may wish to speak to an lawyer about seeking financial compensation. For more information, please call 1.877.614.008 to speak to the experienced personal injury laywers at Conte & Associates.

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