Canada Day Weekend: Firework Safety

Firework Safety Tips for Your Canada Day Weekend

Canada Day is coming up! And for those who will be partaking in the celebrations, chances are the crowning aspect of this celebration will be the fireworks that will be seen that night.

While fireworks are beautiful and fun to watch. These fireworks pose their own threats in terms of your safety if you are setting these off, along with posing a threat to those who are watching these as well.

We are here to provide you with tips on firework safety for your Canada Day weekend and how you can be protected.

The Law in Toronto

For those who are looking to attend a firework display or perhaps do their own fireworks display, then there are some laws that you have to abide by. The city of Toronto may have different laws than what you are used to if you are not from this area. With this being said, here are the major aspects of these laws to keep in mind:

  1. The city has to give written authorization to a person who wants to discharge family fireworks, display fireworks, or theatrical fireworks.

  2. A person has to be certified under the Explosives Act to conduct a firework display.

  3. Those who are selling fireworks have to have a written authorization from the City

You cannot simply discharge fireworks in your front yard, especially if these are considered highly explosive. However, more people find that sparklers and small fireworks are fine for discharging in their yard without having to request a permit from the city.

If you have any questions about the law in your neighborhood or the rules that an area may have you need to contact your fire department or town hall for advice on what you can and cannot do, as you do not want to violate any type of law that may be in place.

 Toronto's City Hall during the day. A place to go to discuss Canada Day firework permits.

Injuries Occurring from Fireworks

When fireworks are being blown, they make for a beautiful display. However, there are injuries that can happen, even if you have the best of intentions. Some of these injuries include:

  1. Burns on the hands, face or arms

  2. Broken limbs due to running away from a firework that has malfunctioned or if too many people are around that have caused people to fall

  3. In intense situations, a misfire of firework can result in a person losing a finger. However, this is rare!

With the proper fireworks safety rules in mind, you can avoid minor and major issues.

A firework being set off in a backyard on Canada Day.

13 Safety Rules to Remember for Lighting Fireworks

If you are going to be setting off your own fireworks for this Canada Day Weekend, be sure that you are following safety rules that are meant to protect you.

These safety rules include:

  1. Be aware of your location. You want to set these fireworks up with care and in an open space that is not near anything that could be considered flammable or hazardous. You will want to choose a hard, flat surface to ensure that these fireworks are stable.

  2. Pay attention to the direction of the wind! The wind can carry embers from the fireworks onto others property or buildings, so be aware of this.

  3. Be sure to read the instructions on the fireworks that you purchase to ensure that you are blowing this off correctly.

  4. If a firework does not have a firing base, be sure to bury this at least half of the length of this firework into a bucket of sand to ensure that there are not any misfire issues.

  5. Keep a water hose or a pail of water nearby in the event that something catches on fire, or a firework needs to be put out.

  6. Always be aware of where you are standing. You do not want to stand in a way that has the firework blowing straight towards your body.

  7. Only light one firework at a time to avoid possible injuries.

  8. Only one person should be in charge of lighting these fireworks to avoid too many people in the same area which could increase injuries.

  9. Wear eye protection to ensure that you do not suffer an eye injury.

  10. When purchasing your fireworks, be sure that you are doing this from a reputable dealer. Reputable dealers are going to have permits to sell these fireworks.

  11. If you have a ‘dud’ firework, do not try to relight this, as walking towards this firework even when you think this is a dud, could result in a burn.

  12. Only a person who is 18 years and older should be handling fireworks.

  13. Consider a long-handled lighter to separate the distance from you and the firework.

The most important safety rule to remember for those who are lighting fireworks is to use common sense. You do not want to put yourself in harm’s way.


Preparing for your Fireworks Display

Preparing ahead of time for your fireworks display not only helps you to put on a great show, but it can make the show go off without any safety issues happening.

To prepare:

  • Map out your location during the daytime when there is plenty of light to see if there are any obstructions in the way

  • If there are obstructions, consider moving these. For example, potted plants can easily be moved, and tree limbs can easily be trimmed away if needed.

  • Make a plan of what fireworks you will set off and when. This can create a spectacular showing, and it will give you a plan to abide by, which increases your safety!

Remember, the more planning you put into this event, the safer you are going to be as you want to ensure your safety and the audiences.

But, you also want this to be a great Canada Day long weekend! Preparation is always key.


Safety Rules for the Audience

Watching fireworks is great fun! And over Canada Day long weekend, there are going to be tons of people who are watching these fireworks! However, everyone needs to know the safety rules for those who are watching.

  1. Keep a safe distance away from these fireworks to avoid injuries.

  2. Be sure that you are not sitting in the direction of the wind while watching these fireworks.

Being in the audience is not as hard as it is for those who may be lighting these fireworks. However, those in the audience will want to remain aware of what is happening around them, just in the event that a firework malfunctions and heads towards those in the audience.

Fireworks are a great way to celebrate the Canada Day long weekend, but people need to understand that fireworks do have a lot of safety issues. It is for this reason that many people chose to attend a firework display that is put on by professionals.

A picture of a firework show from a distance on Canada day.

In addition, there are also local laws to consider when you are considering putting on a fireworks display.

Safety is the number one priority when you are lighting fireworks. Always ensure that those watching are also being protected. Every year there are numerous ER visits due to the fireworks that people light in their backyards and communities.

Be sure that you do not become a statistic for this great holiday and practice fireworks safety.


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