What To Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

Has Your Dog Just Bitten Someone?

Dogs are considered to be a great family pet and one of the best friends that a person could have. They are loyal, great fun to have in your home, and they can easily become a valued member of your family.

For this reason, most dog owners do not even think about the chances of their dog biting someone. However, it can happen. In fact, most people are surprised at just how often dog bites do occur in Canada.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

The main question that people wonder is what is it that makes a dog want to bite someone? There is really no clear-cut answer as to why a dog may bite. However, some of the cases that have been seen throughout the world include:

  • The dog being territorial to those who come near where they call home
  • The dog biting someone due to them feeling as though that person is a threat
  • The dog may simply have a bad temperament that results in them biting someone

In other cases, the dog may be targeted by someone and they may not treat the dog properly, resulting in the dog defending themselves and thus biting the person who has targeted them.