What To Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

Has Your Dog Just Bitten Someone?

Dogs are considered to be a great family pet and one of the best friends that a person could have. They are loyal, great fun to have in your home, and they can easily become a valued member of your family.

For this reason, most dog owners do not even think about the chances of their dog biting someone. However, it can happen. In fact, most people are surprised at just how often dog bites do occur in Canada.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

The main question that people wonder is what is it that makes a dog want to bite someone? There is really no clear-cut answer as to why a dog may bite. However, some of the cases that have been seen throughout the world include:

  • The dog being territorial to those who come near where they call home
  • The dog biting someone due to them feeling as though that person is a threat
  • The dog may simply have a bad temperament that results in them biting someone

In other cases, the dog may be targeted by someone and they may not treat the dog properly, resulting in the dog defending themselves and thus biting the person who has targeted them.

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No matter why the dog has bitten someone, the results are the same for the owner. They are dealing with a dog who has bitten someone.

What Happens to the Dog Owner?

When a dog bites someone, what happens to the dog owner? First off, you need to recognize who the law says is the dog owner. The dog owner is defined as the person who is responsible for the dog.

This can be the registered owner of the dog. Or if the dog is technically owned by a minor, then it is the parent/guardian of the minor that is responsible.

In addition, those dog sitters out there can be held responsible if the dog bites while in their care since they are taking on the responsibility of this dog during this time frame.

When a dog bites someone, the Ontario Dog Owners Liability Act is going to come into play. This is an act that was put in as the dog biting problem became what it is. This act is what prohibits certain breeds of dogs from being inside the city, such as Pitbull’s. The other aspects of this act include:

  • The dog owner is held liable even if they never believed that their dog would bite someone
  • The dog owner is held liable even if they put in safeguards to ensure that the dog could not come into contact with those who it could bite

Ultimately, the dog owner is the one that is responsible for a dog bite. Whether this is the registered owner or a dog sitter at the time, this will be determined based on when the bite occurred.

How Can You Protect Your Dog?

For those who own dogs, they never want this dog to bite someone. So, what can be done to prevent this from happening? Here are a few ideas:

  • Ensure that you are always with the dog to make sure they are behaving, and no one is going to be messing with the dog, taunting it in a way that could provoke a bite.
  • Have a fenced-in area or keep the dog on a chain while our in the yard to keep it from running at people.
  • Ensure that the dog is properly socialized so that they are used to all people.
  • Take note of situations that the dog is not comfortable in so that you can avoid them. Remember, many dog bites happen because the dog is put into an uncomfortable situation and they are scared or become angry.

You need to take whatever precautions that you think are necessary to ensure that your dog is safe and that they are not put into the temptation to bite someone.

The Results if your Dog Bites Someone

Despite many safeguards that may be put in place, there are times in which dogs may bite someone. So, what happens in these cases? This is going to depend. However, it could mean:

  1. The owner must pay a fine
  2. The dog may have to be confined to your property, leashed and perhaps even muzzled
  3. The dog will be sterilized
  4. The dog may have to be put down
  5. The owner may find that they cannot own another dog for a specific period

What will happen to your dog will greatly depend on the bite and the situation surrounding this?

For example, while the dog act put into effect is meant to ensure that all owners are held accountable if it is determined that a person was taunting the dog into biting, then the courts may not do anything other than penalizing the owner with a small fine.

Once again, this will all be decided upon based on a case by case basis!’

When a Dog Bite Happens: What to Do

If your dog does bite someone, the way in which you act is going to determine just how well your case will go. If you can prove that the person was antagonizing the dog, then you need to do so and inform the authorities.

If the person that has been bitten never gets medical treatment, this is something that you need to note as well. You do not want it coming back on you later that the dog bite is being taken to court. In essence, you need to be prepared. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Ensure that the dog is away from the situation. Remember that if a dog bites, he or she may be amped up and in a situation that they feel scared/angry. Put them in the house or their backyard for their safety and others safety.
  • Contact the authorities, even if the person says they are fine. You will want a written report that showcases how the bite happened and the medical attention that the person received. This will protect you later!
  • Consider contacting a lawyer to help you. You may find that the person who was bitten will file a lawsuit against you for damages. And in this case, you need to make sure that you are prepared to fight on behalf of your canine friend.

The chances of your dog biting someone is not as high as you would think. However, it is something that dog owners need to think about, especially if you are a first-time dog owner.

Being a dog owner is a huge responsibility, and you need to make sure that you are doing everything that you can do to ensure your dog is protected and that others out there are protected from your dog.

If you have a dog that has bitten someone, or if you have been bitten by someone’s dog, be sure to contact us.

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