What is a Psychiatric Impairment Injury?

Psychiatric Impairment Injury: What You Need To Know

There are those who are involved in accidents that result in injuries that you can’t really see. These are injuries that are more psychiatric in nature.

However, they should not be dismissed as being something that is not serious, as they are just as serious as if a person were to be dealing with a physical illness.

The problem is that due to these injuries being more mental, many people tend to dismiss them. However, these can be long-lasting. In fact, they can affect a person for the rest of their lives, along with affecting those who are around them all the time as friends and family.

What is Psychiatric Impairment Injury?

A psychiatric impairment injury is an unseen injury. There is no blood, there is no bandage that is going to fix this.

A psychiatric impairment injury can be anything from depression, anxiety to chronic fatigue syndrome or even post-traumatic stress disorder.

Those who have these types of injuries may appear fine on the outside. It is the mental issues that are affecting their everyday life.

Just how does this affect a person? For example, those who are affected by a psychiatric impair injury may have some of the following:

  • They may be affected more be everyday stress when compared to someone who has no mental issue
  • They may have memory issues due to the medications that they take in order to help with the psychiatric impair injury
  • They may have more temper issues as they deal with the mental issues that are going on in their lives

In addition, those who suffer from these types of injuries may start to have issues with connecting with others around them.

Those who are in a relationship often have relationship issues that other people are not dealing with since they are dealing with a psychiatric impairment injury.

Keep in mind that a psychiatric impairment injury can be any type of psychiatric issue. This does include those issues like schizophrenia, TBI, bipolar disorder, manic depression, and related disorders.

Which issue a person has will be determined by several factors and is going to differ from person to person.

Psychiatric Impairment Assessment

No one can self diagnose themselves with a psychiatric impairment. In fact, many people may be against knowing that they have this type of issue, or they simply do not see it.

It is those who are around a person that will notice that there may be something of psychiatric injury to that person. How do people notice this? They often start to notice that the person does not act as they did years ago.

Some of their behavior may be erratic, they may be moodier, they may lose their temper more or they simply may seem so stressed that they cannot cope with everyday life.

In order to be diagnosed with a psychiatric impairment injury, a licensed doctor will have to look at you and your symptoms. In most cases, a mental health professional is going to observe you to look at what issues you may be having.

They will look at the way in which your mind is thinking and make an educated decision as to what you are dealing with mentally. It is important to note that for a psychiatric impairment injury to be considered legal, it has to be diagnosed by a licensed healthcare professional.

Otherwise, this is simply your word, and that is not going to be adequate enough if you are trying to prove that an accident or incident caused this injury to occur.

Once a person has been assessed, the mental health professional will then look at what options a person may have for treatment.

There are tons of treatments on the market that are meant to help with the symptoms. There is really no cure, only time, medications and therapy that have been proven to help a person to get back to some semblance of normal. Treatment options for any psychiatric injury can include:

  • Behavioral therapy is used in an attempt to change the behavior that often triggers this mental issue to become worse.
  • Medications to help with the mood swings, temper flares or the like
  • Talk therapy so that people can talk through their issues with a qualified professional

Other types of treatments are used, but these are the most common!

Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

Two injuries that are often seen with psychiatric impairment injuries are schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. These are two issues that can greatly affect the life of a person who is dealing with these.

Schizophrenia is categorized as a long-term mental disorder in which a person may have a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what is not real.

The person often turns away from reality and instead prefers to live their lives in a world of fantasy and delusion. The person who suffers from this may hallucinate, trouble paying attention, have issues with their working memory, they may repeat movements or even have problems with dealing with sounds like cars honking or the like.

Bipolar disorder refers to those who are dealing with a wide range of emotions. They may be happy one second and then severely depressed to the point that they think about suicide in the next minute.

These highs and lows are felt throughout the person’s life and no one knows from one minute to the next what type of mood they are going to be in! It can affect your life and those who are around you.

Traumatic Brain Injury Schizophrenia

Many health professionals are finding that an injury that results in a blow to the head that causes a traumatic brain injury could be one of the reasons that people develop schizophrenia.

This type of psychiatric injury is lifelong. A TBI is not something that is going to go away with time. Yes, the side effects of this injury could go away with medication, but in most cases, the side effects are felt worse as a person ages. TBI is not something that can be left untreated. If it is, it can have an even worse impact on your life.

What Can Be Done for Help?

For those who suffered these types of psychiatric injuries, the first thing that they need to do is to get help. They need to talk to a medical professional to see what can be done in order to help you live your life without this impacting it as much.

However, even with medications, some people find that keeping a job is hard. This can result in lost wages and your family suffering.

If this is the case, we may be able to help. As there are options for anyone who is suffering from this type of issue, benefits that you may be able to get due to these mental issues.

For those who have suffered a psychiatric injury that was due to an accident or you simply want to see what legal options you have for help during this period of time, we can help.

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