What Personal Injury Accidents Cause Spinal Cord Injuries?

Spinal cord injuries have the potential to be devastating to both the victim and their family. No one wants to think about being involved in an event that has the potential to leave them unable to perform the activities of daily living, such as being able to feed, bathe, dress and toilet themselves without assistance.

The simple act of getting up to walk from place to place unassisted is something most people take for granted. A spinal cord injury can leave someone either a paraplegic or a quadriplegic, depending on the location of the damage to the spinal cord.

What Personal Injury Accidents Cause Spinal Cord Injuries

A number of personal injury accidents can cause spinal cord injuries. The most common one is a motor vehicle accident. Other types of accidents which can cause spinal cord injuries are slip and falls and construction accidents.

Long Term Care Required After a Spinal Cord Injury

In most cases, a spinal cord injury requires a long-term care plan that will involve medical specialists who can offer treatment for a patient’s physical and psychological needs. Adjusting to life after a spinal cord injury requires a major adjustment, and it is never an easy process for the accident victim or their family members. It makes sense to consult more than one specialist for assistance to deal with learning how to live with the “new normal.”

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