Winter Driving Hazards

If there is one thing drivers everywhere dread during winter, it is the road. Driving during winter exposes you to harsh weather conditions and adverse elements that can potentially put you (and your loved ones) at risk.

We all know that the number of roadside accidents makes an exponential increase during winter that is why it is important – now more than ever – to keep an eye out for some of the most common winter driving hazards.

To help keep you safe on the road, we made a list of some winter driving hazards you should watch out for, read them below:

  1. Car Failure

The freezing temperature brought about by winter can do a whole lot of damage to your car’s inner workings, especially if you are driving an older model. Avoid winter breakdowns (and the stress) by getting your car checked. Have your local repair shop check on everything –from the external lights to the engine. They will be able to tell you what needs replacing and what needs tuning up in order for your car to handle the cold.

  1. Visibility

Even the world’s best driver can’t win over zero visibility. With such fickle weather conditions, it is important to be prepared. Make sure your defroster equipment is working and drive a safe distance from other cars that can spray a barrier of snow and salt on your windshield and windows.

  1. Wheels with no traction

Investing in good winter wheels can save your life. With the immense amount of snow, slush and snow on the road, it is a necessity to have good winter wheels. Good winter wheels will be able to provide the traction you need in order to survive the road.

Good winter wheels should (of course) be paired with careful and responsible driving. They can help you traverse dangerous roads but your best bet would be to avoid being on them in the first place. Avoid taking unfamiliar routes during winter, because there is no telling how the road conditions are.

  1. Getting Caught in a Blizzard Storm

Getting stuck in a blizzard storm while on the road is one of the most dangerous predicaments you can find yourself into. Do not venture out during a blizzard unless you ABSOLUTELY have to.

If you do find yourself suddenly in the middle of a blizzard storm, the safest thing you can do is to remain inside your vehicle and keep yourself warm while waiting for the storm to lose its momentum. Use your body’s natural heat and avoid blasting the heating system so as not to stress your car’s battery and engine.

The only time you should leave the confines of your vehicle is when you have to place triangle reflective stands to warm passers by.

  1. Getting stuck on ice and slush

When you venture on the road during especially harsh winter conditions, getting your car stuck likely to happen. Installing chains on your wheels can help you get out of this rut (and would lessen the chances of you getting stuck).

Even if your instincts tell you to hit on the gas pedal hard, don’t. Remain calm and inspect the outside perimeter of the car to quickly identify which part of your car is actually stuck on ice. Try to wedge anything that could provide traction in between your wheels and then hit on gas, this should help you get out.

Being extra careful on the road is your best in avoiding any type of accident. If you or somebody you know have gotten themselves in some form of roadside accident, give us a call. We have a panel of experts who can help you talk about settlements and claims.

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