What to Do When You’ve Been Injured By or On an ATV

ATVs or all-terrain vehicles, also called quads, quad-bikes, or four-wheelers have been popular for years with no sign of that popularity slowing down. Driven like a motorcycle with the driver on top they offer more stability with four wheels – enabling them to operate in on forest trails and other off-road locales. ATVs can be a lot of fun and a very exciting way of exploring the backwoods and wilderness environments of Ontario but like any other motorized vehicle it brings with it the risk of injury. If injured on an ATV, there are some things you should keep in mind.

If You Were Hit By an ATV

If you were a pedestrian or in another vehicle when you were it by an ATV liability will be decided based on circumstances as it would be like any other motor vehicle. Like most other motorized vehicles ATVs do require insurance to travel in public areas and work much like car insurance. Their drivers are also legally required to hold at least a G2 or M2 license. If the incident occurred on a public road an ATV is limited to 20km/h in a 50 zone and no more than 50 in any zone with more than 50 posted. They can also not be carrying passengers while on public roads. Violation of these laws may show a disregard for safety on the part of the ATV driver which may result in a greater likelihood of a favourable judgement.

If You Were Riding an ATV

A degree of care should always be taken when riding an ATV especially if it’s your first time riding one. They work much like other four wheeled vehicles but have their own eccentricities and take some getting used to – especially over rough terrain. That said, if you rented the ATV or drove it as part of a group there is a degree of responsibility on the rental and tour companies to ensure you are reasonably prepared to operate the vehicle safely. If there was insufficient training or the tour was taken on trails too difficult for a novice user they me be held responsible for any injury you suffer. Additionally if you were on private property and the trails were improperly maintained or allowed to remain dangerous that could be a factor in determining liability as well.

ATVs are built for fun – they’re basically big motorized toys – but they can hurt you. If you were injured through the fault of another while you or they were on an ATV you deserve compensation and the best way to obtain that is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Call Conte & Associates at 1-877-614-0008. Based in Vaughan and Whitby, Conte & Associates works with clients in Whitby/Oshawa, and in the following cities in Ontario: Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Clarington, Newcastle, Courtice, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Port Perry, Belleville, and Peterborough.

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